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Published on May 21, 2024
Houston's Culinary Scene Expands with Zash Café and Diverse Halal OfferingsSource: Google Street View

The Houston area, known for its culinary diversity, is beefing up its appeal to halal food lovers with restaurants like Zash Café in Missouri City. This Indo-Pak eatery, specializing in halal meats and traditional street foods, is making waves with its authentic snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. According to the Houston Chronicle, Zash Café comes from a family intent to serve "freshly made with love" food, a dream brought to fruition from the family matriarch's own recipes. “This is our first restaurant, started with a vision to serve the best and delicious food, that is freshly made with love,” Rafiya Malek, co-owner of the café, told the publication.

As Texas is home to over 400,000 Muslims, Houston's robust Islamic community has created a strong market for halal eateries. Halal -- meaning "permissible" in Arabic -- requires adherents to consume meat that has been slaughtered according to Islamic law. Halal food in Houston ranges from South Asian to Tex-Mex, offering an inclusive culinary experience to meet various dining preferences. The Houston Eater notes that the city's halal options are not only for the annual Ramadan celebrations but are enjoyed year-round.

Alongside Zash Café, Houston houses other notable destinations for halal fare. Big Bite Halal Food Truck dishes out aromatic Middle Eastern classics, while Kenz Mediterranean Cuisine offers unique Egyptian-American fusions. Abu Za'ir Halal Mediterranean Cuisine has adapted the halal food truck model, providing offerings like the chicken mutabbaq and LaPasha Lounge & Grill combines traditional plates with a festive atmosphere for diners seeking a late-night destination.

Whether one is looking to break their fast during Ramadan or simply searching to satisfy a craving for diverse flavors, Houston's selection of halal restaurants is ready to serve. From the carefully crafted chaat and falooda at Zash Café to the crisp falafel wraps at Abu Za'ir.