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Published on May 23, 2024
Human Remains Unearthed by Hiker in Los Angeles' Tujunga Wash, Cause of Death Under InvestigationSource: Google Street View

A hiker in the Shadow Hills area of Los Angeles stumbled upon a human corpse lodged in the bed of the Tujunga Wash flood control channel. The body was discovered early Thursday morning at around 8:30 A.M. in a remote slice of the San Fernando Valley, notorious for its dry washes and sudden floods.

The Los Angeles Fire Department was on the scene to assist in recovering the remains, with no immediate details on the cause of death or whether the police suspected foul play. The hiker, who has not been identified, reported the find to authorities, but as of yet, there is no identifying information regarding the victim, including gender and age, KTLA reports.

Further complicating matters, the body was found in conditions that obscured its characteristics, making immediate identification a challenge. The Los Angeles Fire Department issued an Agency Assist notification, elaborating that they were aiding the LAPD Foothill Division and Medical Examiner in retrieving the body, discovered in "remnant floodwater" within the confines of the channel.

Officials from the Medical Examiner's Office are now tasked with conducting an autopsy to determine the victim's identity and cause of death.