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Published on May 24, 2024
Iconic Detroit Bumpy Cakes to Sweeten Shelves Again as Sanders Announces ComebackSource: Google Street View

For the sweet-toothed denizens of the Mitten State, the crisis is finally over: Sanders Bumpy Cakes are coming back. After a production pause that left Michigan dessert aficionados in the lurch, Sanders, a Detroit confectionery staple since the 1870s, has found new baking partners to roll out their iconic goods once again. On Thursday, Sanders confirmed the imminent return of its Bumpy Cakes to fans eagerly waiting to indulge in this century-old delicacy. "We know that the Sanders brand and its products hold a special place in your hearts and homes, staples for celebrations, and creating memories for generations of Michiganders," Vic Mehren, CEO of Second Nature Brands, disclosed in a social media post shared with the Detroit Free Press.

Last fall, sweet sorrow befell the dessert scene when Minnie Marie Bakers Inc., also known as Awrey's Bakery, shuttered its Livonia production facility, causing an unexpected halt to Bumpy Cake production. The company spokeswoman said they've "found the right partners who meet our high standards for quality and service and can deliver the same Bumpy Cake taste we all know and love," as reported by WXYZ. Customers can expect the Bumpy Cakes to hit store shelves and online outlets in the coming weeks, just in time for summer festivities.

While Mehren kept the lid on the specifics regarding the cakes' return, he revealed the organization endured a sales slump during the six-month Bumpy Cake production pause, losing half of its sales. Nevertheless, Mehren assured fans of the Bumpy Cake that they would find the pastries identical to the ones they cherished before the production hiccup. "What was paramount for us when we come back with people's Bumpy Cakes... it needs to be the same eating experience, the same taste experience," Mehren promised, according to Click on Detroit and the Detroit Free Press.

Once production kicks into full gear, Sanders has committed to offering the original chocolate flavor in its regular, mini, and party sizes, as well as their other flavors like vanilla buttercream and carrot cake. Michigan residents can breathe a collective sigh of relief, with the assurance that the Bumpy Cakes will soon grace the shelves of local retailers, Sanders stores in places like Clinton Township and Rochester, and online at the end of May and in June, as Sanders' CEO informed, per Detroit Free Press.

The return of Bumpy Cakes is more than just the comeback of a sugary treat; it's a restoration of tradition. These cakes have been a part of Michigan's culinary heritage for over a century. And as Sanders gears up for production, it isn't just about satisfying cravings; it's about reclaiming a slice of homegrown happiness that many feared was lost. "Because Bumpy Cakes are an important part of the Sanders' business and legacy, we wanted to return them to the people who love them the most," Mehren said as per WXYZ. It appears that soon, Michigan can again revel in the taste of nostalgia that only a Bumpy Cake can provide.