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Published on May 26, 2024
Motorcyclists in San Antonio Warn of Increased Danger on I-35 Amid Construction Woes Source: Unsplash/ Etienne Girardet

As Memorial Day weekend sends travelers swarming across Texas, motorcyclists are sounding the alarm on highway hazards. Interstate 35 through San Antonio, a well-trafficked conduit, has become a perilous stretch due to ongoing construction and uneven road surfaces – with riders reporting a spike in crashes.

"You just always have to be on a high alert mode at all times," Joshua Thurston, a local motorcyclist, told KSAT. Heath Feigle echoed the sentiment, calling the situation "a dangerous one". With crews repairing the road, Texas Department of Transportation advised caution through the zones, while bikers argue the fixes haven't come soon enough. Keely Wentz, who suffered a close brush with grave injury said, “We’re taking all the precautions that we can, and we’re still going down, and we’re still getting hurt,” according to the same source.

Motorcycle veteran Mo Olivares recounted a near-fatal episode to KENS 5, where an uneven stretch of pavement nearly had him "squished by a semi." Photos of his injuries and wrecked gear underscore the risks that have spurred him and others to call for improved road conditions.

Advocate Flash Lucich pointed out that all types of motorcycles are succumbing, from sport bikes to Harleys, underscoring the indiscriminate nature of the hazard. As part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, TxDOT's "Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign aims at raising driver vigilance. The past year's grim statistics reveal nearly 600 motorcyclists were killed in Texas, with almost 3,000 injured said TxDOT.

Motorcyclists like Amy Watkins, who value their rides for therapeutic reasons, are beseeching both riders and drivers to stay alert. "We want to be able to go home to our family member and not end up in the hospital," Watkins stressed. She, among many, weave caution into their daily rides, hoping it's enough to navigate the perilous path of construction-laden I-35, as per KENS 5.