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Published on May 24, 2024
San Antonio Offers Indoor Fun to Combat Sizzling Summer Temps as Heat Records BreakSource: Unsplash/ rivage

San Antonio is bracing for another sweltering summer, with last year racking up a sweat-inducing 75 triple-digit days, thrashing the previous year's 59. Seriously, it's getting hot over there. A statement from Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, snagged by the San Antonio Report, paints a toasty picture: "During the past couple of years, we’ve gone through two of the hottest summers on record." That's not just a Texas tall tale; he backs it up with an updated assessment forecasting more extreme temps and droughts through 2036. Yikes.

To save the kids from melting into sidewalk puddles, the locals are shifting gears towards indoor fun. From the cool confines of science museums to the chills of underground cavern adventures, San Antonio has a bundle of activities to beat the heat. The Report serves up a smorgasbord of options, including places like The Doseum and Witte Museum, where tykes can get their science on without sweating buckets.

Now hold on to your sun hats because there are more than just museums. We're talking full-on family escapades to the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology – yes, that's a mouthful – and the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s new Education Outreach Center, both sporting a price tag of zero dollars. And for those starry-eyed night owls, the Scobee Education Center at San Antonio College invites you to explore galaxies far, far away minus the solar glare.

What about catching a flick? Santikos, Regal, and Alamo Drafthouse are tossing out deals for moviegoers, and let's be real;, sitting in a dark, cold theater munching on popcorn sure beats sweating it out in the backyard. If you're feeling nostalgic, or just need a low-cost day out, San Antonio's public libraries are treasure troves of cool air, cooler books, and creativeness for all ages – and they're free for locals.

If the tiny humans are literally bouncing off the walls, San Antonio's got a bevy of indoor trampoline parks like Urban Air and Altitude, buffering the bounce with A/C. Prices start low, and the gravity-defying fun is high. In this overheated metropolis, LEGOland survives the inferno by keeping the kiddos entertained indoors, with tickets as reasonable as $30 a pop – tots under two go free.