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Published on May 26, 2024
San Antonio Roars into Prehistoric Fun with "Dino Adventure Park" at the Zoo Source: Google Street View

The San Antonio Zoo has officially unleashed a rawr-some experience with its latest attraction, "Dino Adventure Park," which will be stomping ground to 18 life-sized dinosaurs. Starting Friday, the dinos have begun sharing the locale with lions, rhinos, and bears - oh my! According to a report by FOX San Antonio, visitors can expect to encounter favorites like the mighty T-Rex and the horned Triceratops among others, until September 2.

Accompanying the prehistoric creatures, "Dino Adventure Park" is set to seriously entertain with activities and treats for all ages. Get to fully immerse yourself in the Jurassic period with a 4D dinosaur show titled “The Lost World,” dig up ancient fossils, and treat yourself to dino nuggets. Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo, proclaimed, "Get ready to roar with excitement as we bring the wonders of the prehistoric era to life right here in San Antonio with Dino Adventure Park, presented by Bank of Texas." He ensured this in a statement obtained by Express News.

Besides the dinosaurs and themed attractions, the zoo will also host Dinosaur George, a renowned traveling museum, for guest appearances on select dates in June, July, and August. Visitors keen on a deep dive into dinosaur lore won't want to miss these interactive educational slots.

The collaboration between the San Antonio Zoo and the Bank of Texas is an endeavor that Parker Hensley, San Antonio market president for the bank, described as reflective of the community's attributes - "hard-working, innovative, and committed to making a difference." He shared the sentiment with Express News, adding, "Bank of Texas couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them on this phenomenal exhibit that I know our friends, neighbors, and especially my daughter Fallon, who is a huge T-Rex fan, are going to love."

Tickets to witness these Jurassic giants in the flesh—or should we say, in the bone—are available on the San Antonio Zoo's website, with the added perk of free parking for all visitors. So whether you're a dino devotee or just looking for a new way to spend a weekend, the Zoo’s dino den offers a prehistoric throwback worth checking out.