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Published on May 25, 2024
Santa Rosa Student Arrested for Felony Assault with Knife During Montgomery High School BrawlSource: Google Street View

A high school brinkmanship escalated into a potentially deadly confrontation when a student was caught on camera wielding a knife amid a lunchtime brawl at Montgomery High School, Santa Rosa. The fight, which unfolded on May 22, has led to the arrest of a 15-year-old male student on charges of felony assault and misdemeanor possession of a weapon on school property, as per the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Initial confusion about the involvement of a weapon during the fray came to a bitter conclusion after school officials reviewed surveillance footage that showed the suspect armed. Even though the blade was never unfilmed, he did punch the victim while the knife was in his grasp, and both were seen exchanging blows for a span going roughly 15 seconds before being separated by staff. According to the press release from the Santa Rosa Police Department, it was around 20 minutes after the suspect had fled the scene that the officials called the police to report the incident but did not mention the involvement of the knife at that time, which subsequently led to the officer permitting the school to handle the matter internally.

As detailed in the statement released by the police, the investigation took a decisive turn when the school authorities later presented the video evidence to the same officer who had dismissed the earlier report. This revelation spurred the police into action, culminating in the arrest of the youth at his home on Grand Avenue the following day.

The delay in apprehending the suspect stemmed from initial misinformation, yet once the authorities recognized the gravity of the scenario, they acted swiftly. The suspect faced serious legal repercussions with the booking into Juvenile Hall on the aforementioned charges. However, the knife in question yet remains unaccounted for, thus adding a layer of complexity to the case. The Santa Rosa Police Department is at the helm, spearheaded by Sergeant Patricia Seffens, the designated contact for further media inquiries regarding case number 24-6157.