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Published on May 26, 2024
Suspect Arrested in D.C. After Assault and Vehicle Theft Leads to Cross-County ChaseSource: Google Street View

The Metropolitan Police Department has reported an arrest following a violent confrontation on the streets of Northwest D.C. last week. The incident, which unfolded at around 7:50 p.m. on Georgia Avenue and Hamilton Street, involved an assault and gun brandishment by the suspect, now identified as 28-year-old Raysean Brown of Southeast.

According to authorities, the victim was able to escape harm after being physically assaulted and threatened with a firearm, unfortunately during the escape, the victim dropped his car keys allowing Brown to complete the theft by fleeing with the victim’s vehicle. The chaos of that evening spilled into the subsequent days, as law enforcement engaged in a pursuit that concluded with Brown's arrest a county over.

An official release by the police outlined the cross-jurisdictional chase, which ended with Brown being apprehended back in Washington D.C., after originally being spotted in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The arrest took place on Saturday, May 25.

The charges against Brown are severe, encompassing Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and First Degree Theft. In addition, the rap sheet piles on with Reckless Driving, Fleeing From Law Enforcement, and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. Further details revealed by the Metropolitan Police Department present a picture of a frantic situation swiftly contained by the responsive measures of the authorities.

As Brown now faces the legal repercussions of his alleged actions, the Metropolitan Police Department's investigation continues to unravel the exact motives and full context of an assault that escalated into a multi-tiered criminal episode. The community, rattled by the event, seeks solace in the swift response and diligent work by the local law enforcement to maintain safety and order on their streets.