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Published on May 24, 2024
Wyandotte High School Teacher Arrested, Charged with Soliciting a Minor Amid Community OutcrySource: Wikipedia/NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Wyandotte high school teacher was arrested on allegations of attempting to solicit sex from a minor. Reports from FOX 2 indicate that the teacher was apprehended by Homeland Security Investigations on the grounds of Theodore Roosevelt High School following an undercover operation where they posed as a 14-year-old. Charged with accosting a minor for immoral purposes and using a computer to commit a misdemeanor, the teacher's identity remains withheld pending arraignment.

Outrage and concern from parents have echoed throughout the Wyandotte community. One parent expressed their disgust, "It makes me honestly want to throw up," while another emphasized the gravity of the situation, "It’s sick. Very sick," – sentiments found in the initial reports. The district has promptly removed the accused from the staff, assuring that no students or other staff were involved, purportedly leaving families with a sliver of relief.

Nonetheless, allegations of prior inappropriate conduct have emerged. WXYZ brought to light the testimony of Amira Decaminada, a senior at Roosevelt High School. Amira, with her mother’s consent, disclosed that the same teacher sexually harassed her and a friend throughout their sophomore year. "There were sometimes when he would just straight up degrade me," Amira told WXYZ. This account of past behavior has escalated concerns about the oversight and the measures taken by the school in response to such complaints.

Kristina Decaminada, Amira's mother, recounted the distress her daughter faced. "I feel actually sick to my stomach, it makes me want to vomit," she said in a statement obtained by WXYZ. She told that despite reporting her daughter's experiences to the school, the administration failed to act. In light of Amira's story, local authorities urge any additional victims to come forward to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Parents are calling for more rigorous vetting processes for educators following the incident, suggesting the need for stricter background checks. Meanwhile, the school has issued a statement regarding the allegations, asserting their commitment to high standards among staff and the importance of accountability as highlighted by