Sign Likening Obama to Hitler Trashed Outside Bank of America

On Monday morning around 11am, an incident occurred outside the Bank of America on Fell and Broderick, which was described by several media outlets as an "attack" on Obama "supporters" or "volunteers" by some sort of anti-Obama passersby. As it turns out, that was apparently the opposite of what happened.

In reality, the folks who were tabling at the location were supporters of extreme political candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and their table was decked out with posters depicting Obama with a Hitler mustache. Reader DJ K., who passed by the table yesterday, described it thusly:

"On Monday, April 4, I spotted some guys outside the bank of america on Fell and Broderick with a table that had Obama posters with a Hitler mustache on his face. This is completely offensive to any Jewish person and just plain racist. I can't believe bank of america would allow these guys to set up a table outside of their bank right in front of the ATM with this imagery on it. I don't care if they are trying to inform people of the short comings in Obama's administration. You can't compare Obama to a person that committed mass genocide. These guys are just plain racist dicks and someone needs to tell them to take down their posters."
DJ K. then describes having seen the altercation that occurred.
"These guys were complaining about Obama's policies and talked about getting him impeached! They were also talking about his cuts in the budget and medicare... People kicked their table down but did not touch the guys... It looked like the girl was just holding the sign showing why it was offensive and the guy grabbed it from her, ripping his own sign. To say they were physically touched is a complete lie."
Then today, Twitter user Mike B. (@tehdely) posted a video of police standing near the table after the incident to his Livejournal page. It's clear from the video that the tablers were decidedly anti-Obama, and that their posters were taken directly from the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee. We spoke with Captain Denis O'Leary of Park Station around 4:50pm this afternoon and asked whether he was aware that the alleged victims were in fact extreme anti-Obama protestors, not Obama supporters. "That's news to me," O'Leary said. He then reviewed the police report, which made no mention of whether the Obama signs and materials were pro- or anti-Obama — they were simply described as Obama signs. It seems someone in the media assumed that they were pro-Obama and ran with it, when in fact that was not the case. As for the man and woman who are said to have ripped the sign, they have not been located at this time.

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Signs likening obama to hitler trashed outside bank of america