What's the Deal With the $2000 Rap Contest?

You've probably seen the flyers plastered all over the neighborhood, like the one above captured by twitter user @LowerHaight last week. They read, simply:

RAP CONTEST $2000 GRAND PRIZE 415-484-5368
We had to know more. Who's behind this contest? Is it legit? Where's it being held, and when? And why? So, we called to find out.

Turns out the flyer is for the 2Racks Rap Contest, created and hosted by San Francisco-based poet/rapper Sellassie. The contest is billed as "a fast-paced, single-elimination rap competition where emcees perform original songs head to head in front of celebrity and industry professional judges, competing for a $2000 cash prize." San Francisco is just one of several cities hosting 2Racks competitions this summer, the others being Chicago, Atlanta, Honolulu, Orlando, Seattle, and Los Angeles. The San Francisco throwdown is slated for August 20th, though there's no venue or ticket information available yet. Think you've got the skills to win this thing? Check out highlights from a 2Racks contest in Atlanta earlier this year: Then, for extra inspiration, be sure to watch the rap battle scene from 1989's Teen Witch:

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Whats the deal with the 2000 rap contest