Get to Know Your Lower Haight Bartenders

Get to Know Your Lower Haight Bartenders
By Sarah Welsh - Published on August 11, 2011.
In part one of a series, new Haighteration writer Sarah Welsh meets some of the drinkslingers behind our local bars. Sure, you buy drinks from them on the weekends or maybe for the occasional (everyday?) happy hour. But what's really going on in your Lower Haight bartenders' heads? Let's find out.

Dan // bartender at Danny Coyle's
Haighteration: Come here often? Dan: I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday. I work a lot. H: Strange encounters? D: This is a crazy place. People tend to get naked a lot. You'd be perplexed by how many times I have to tell girls to put their shirts on. H: Something you wish everyone would know about bar etiquette? D: A lot of bartenders are kind of entitled brats, but I mean, you get paid a dollar for opening a beer. It's a dream job. H: Favorite spot in the Lower Haight? D: Greenburger's is pretty good. Also, the Vapor Room. H: Dating advice? D: Honesty is the best thing. Being earnest. And don't forget to chew some gum . A few drinks in and you forget about your breath. H: Odd requests? D: When people come in here with their iPhones and show me something I'm like- why would you want that? H: What are you doing when you're not slinging booze? D: I play in a band called Zodiac Death Valley. We headlined at the Independent a few weeks ago. I play bass.
Eric // bartender at Noc Noc
H: Come here often? Eric: I work Tuesday and Wednesday. Happy hour. H: Strange encounters? E: Every day is kind of a weird day. You can't swing a dead cat without…I mean, there are a lot of nice kids around here. Everyone's fantastic. H: Something you wish everyone would know about bar etiquette? E: Don't get pissed when I I.D. you and you're 23. You look young! Also, have your money ready when it's busy. H: Favorite spot in the Lower Haight? E: I used to live in the neighborhood for many years so I got sick of all the food. I do go to Memphis Minnie's sometimes though. H: Dating advice? E: Be fearless. Also, guys: wait until the girl gets a drink. Let her relax a little bit. H: What's up with the chairs at the bar? E: The Noc Noc was designed in 1986 by a Japanese artist. He was a fascinating guy. He did this place and Zip Zap Hair.
Ann // bartender at The Page
H: Come here often? Ann: I'm here Monday for happy hour, and Tuesday and Saturday. H: Strange encounters? A: One night I was working Sunday happy hour and my co-worker handed me a five dollar bill. She said: “Go across the street and grab some milk. Right now! Sean Penn is in here and he wants a White Russian, but we don't have any milk!” H: Something you wish everyone would know about bar etiquette? A: That's my favorite question! Um…yelling out a drink when I'm standing in the well making four drinks at once is the biggest dick move ever. I usually have four other drinks in my head already! Or, when it's like three deep and someone yells: “I want something fruity!” I love booze, and I'd love to hold your hand during happy hour, but not right now. H: Favorite spot in the Lower Haight? A: I'm kind of biased because I work at Nopalito too, but I think the food is fucking bomb. I love Kate's Kitchen too. Their hush puppies rock my world. I also love the Independent. It's my favorite venue in the city. H: Dating advice? A: My advice is not to pick people up in bars. It's not a good idea. Especially coming from a girl's perspective. I know that's probably bad advice because I mean, where are you going to meet people? Ok Cupid? That's not very fun either.
Thanks to Dan, Eric, and Ann for spending some time with us. See you next time for part two!