ARCO on Fell Has Cheapest Gas in San Francisco

Gas prices in California rose a whopping 24.5 cents a gallon last week, to an average of $4.27. But for the drivers among us, there's a sliver of good news: some of the cheapest gas in the city can be found right in our neck of the woods.

According to, the gas at the ARCO station on Fell and Divisadero is the second-cheapest reported in the city, with a gallon of regular costing $4.15 as of this morning. (The city's cheapest gas can be found at an ARCO station in the Excelsior, costing just two cents less - $4.13 a gallon.) As far as premium gas goes, the ARCO on Fell has the cheapest in the city — $4.35 a gallon. So, if you just can't ditch your car in favor of a bike or public transit, at least you won't have to drive very far to save a few pennies at the pump.

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Arco on fell has cheapest gas in san francisco