Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on March 17, 2012
The Eviction of Cuco's: An UpdateBurrito Wisdom
Last month, we told you about how Cuco's restaurant had received a letter indicating they would be asked to vacate their location at 488 Haight Street within 30 days. Now, a good 40+ days later, Cuco's is still in business. What gives?

As SFWeekly reported this week, Cuco's remains open without a date for eviction, but an employee noted that "nothing is definite about the future of the restaurant." We recently spoke with Carmen Campos, who operates Cuco's, and she confirmed that things remain in limbo. We contacted the landlord for more information, but got no response. Meanwhile, the space is still being listed on Craigslist. An ad posted just on Tuesday reads:
"Excellent Corner Building Location. Approximately 750 S.F. 488 Haight St @Fillmore. Possession w/in 30 days of Lease Execution. Please show respect for current occupant in your viewing. Good Foot Traffic. Thank You."
So, it seems that once the landlord finds a viable tenant, Cuco's will likely receive its 30-day notice once again. Finally, a resident informed us via Twitter about a petition being circulated at Toronado this week, opposing the potential ousting of Cuco's. We're not clear on the petition's claims or target, but thought it interesting nonetheless. So there you have it: Cuco's remains operational, but its future is tenuous at best. We'll update with any further developments.