Guerrilla Sidewalk Gardening

So, we know we don't live in exactly the friendliest neighborhood for sidewalk planters and streetside gardens.

But there are a growing number of brave souls out there who're still willing to plant up the concrete, and in the spirit of Earth Day (belated), we'd like to say, "Thanks." It makes a big difference. Some of these spots have been around forever, some of them (like the tiered raised bed herb garden shown above) are pretty new, but tidy or rambling, floral or vegetable, we have to say we like what you're doing. We've seen nasturtiums, borage, lavender, rosemary, basil, geraniums (scented and un-), lettuces, and a whole bunch more.

So, guys. Keep your eyes open, enjoy the greenery, and if you're willing to brave the garbage and the dogs, go ahead and plant something. And veteran gardeners: what works for you? What do you plant, what would you want to see more of? Dream big. __ Also, don't forget, tonight is LOL for LLS night at Milk Bar. 12 hilarious local comedians, 10% of bar proceeds go toward blood cancer research, you can buy tickets at the link, or come for free and donate while you're there. 8-10PM. See you there!

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Guerrilla sidewalk gardening