How We Brunch.

Hey, beautiful people: we're a month old. We're still here, and we're glad you are too. We think this is cause for a celebration.

And if, like us, you're facing the prospect of another beautiful Sunday morning with the unmistakable taste of a series of sins of omission and commission, we've got the just the thing to brighten your day. Incidentally, this is how we celebrate. 1. Look out the window. It's going to be nice. The party was great but the world is still here. 2. Play this. Twice. (We know, we know--trust us.) 3. Put on your best boots and make your way, with authority, down to Parada 22 for Boogaloo's brunch. Dear God don't forget the sunglasses. Be bold. Reward yourself for being there before noon by ordering gallons of coffee and a mimosa, and then get down to business. 4. Venture forth once more and roll next door to Amoeba for at least an hour of unguided free-associative wandering and record shopping. 5. Make your way to the Panhandle, where you can take a six-pack and a blanket and find a patch of sun, pass back out, and sleep the sleep of the virtuous until dinner time.

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How we brunch