Laundromat Closes, Where Do We Go Now?

We received a tip from a reader that the laundromat on Oak & Gough recently closed its doors.

When we walked by the laundromat, we discovered that June 2 was the last day you could wash your sheets at this business. We're not sure if another one will take its place or something else will move in. What we do know is they are selling their coin-op machines this Saturday from 9am-1pm. So, if you've ever wanted a coin-op washing machine in your home, now's your chance. But when our tipster asked "where should I do laundry now?" we were stumped. A quick search on Yelp shows there aren't many options in Hayes Valley, and most tend to be on the periphery of the neighborhood. The picture below shows our search results:

An additional page of results allows us to place 1-2 more marks on this map. But still. There doesn't appear to be too many options. So, where do you do your laundry? Have any good recommendations to share?

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