Catch Them If You Can

We hate to bring you down so close to the weekend, but Haight Street has been experiencing a rash of thefts.

Haight Street is no stranger to theft crimes. According to, theft is the number 2 offense for 94117 (none of you will be surprised to learn that disturbing the peace is number 1). Of course, the Best Fit Line for thefts in the 'hood runs right down Haight Street:

But aside from theft generally, there have been a specific group of bandits making the rounds in the neighborhood. And, it's not their first appearance. The Haight Ashbury Merchants Association has a few grainy photos of the theives:
They appeared about 9 months ago, but then all was quiet for a while. In the past two weeks, they've been spotted all over the place. Things Lucky, at 1601 Page, caught them on camera in the act last week, and Aquamarine Enterprises had an encounter with them recently as well. The incidents have been reported to Park Police, and they'd love any leads anyone has on these guys. You can contact Park Police at 242-3000, or email them at So! Back to your regularly-scheduled not-bumming-you-out programming. Carry on, and be safe out there!

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Catch them if you can