Rest in Peace: Au Revoir, Bia's

Boys, girls, what have you: it's with great sorrow that we announce the sudden loss of Bia's restaurant, at 1640 Haight.

We were passing by just yesterday and they were wheeling the oven out the front door and sending chairs through the windows. With no notice and little fanfare, the longtime Haight Street fixture has closed its doors for good. If you were lucky enough to pass by at the right time, you might have gotten a complimentary bottle of Pinot Gris. The fixtures inside have all been sold off and are slowly being loaded up into trucks. The back patio still has the old slate and marble tables set up with empty chairs.

According to the former owner, the building is going to be renovated and put back up for lease. Brothers, sisters, have a glass of wine and a gardenburger and kiss Bia's goodbye.

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Rest in peace au revoir bias