Burglary On Oak Street

After a recent burglary at a home near Oak and Buchanan, one resident is warning neighbors to be vigilant.

In a letter distributed to surrounding neighbors' mailboxes, the resident writes:

"On Sunday 11/4 at 3:30 am we had a burglary incident at our house, ground floor unit, while tenants where [sic] asleep inside. Scary stuff. The burglars entered through the garden and broke a window to steel [sic] electronics that were sitting out in the living room. We noticed later that they had scoped out the place for a few weeks by moving a water drain lid for example to see if anyone would put the lid back or is on vacation, but we didn't think of anything further while it was happening. This note is to inform you of the incident and to call for caution. If you notice any funny things happening around your house you may not be crazy but someone is watching you or testing you. And maybe don't leave electronics lying out visibly."
With a disturbing number of break-ins in the area in recent months, this is good advice indeed. If you know anything about this specific incident, or any others for that matter, you can call the SFPD Northern Station tip line at (415) 885-5187. If you live west of Steiner, you're covered by Park Station - (415) 731-2865. And of course if you witness a crime in action, call 911. Stay safe out there, neighbors.

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Burglary on oak street