Overnight Shooting At Oak and Pierce Injures Two [Updated]

Multiple readers heard what sounded like two cars exchanging gunfire on Pierce Street between Oak and Page last night around 12:30am, a shootout which apparently left one person injured.

Reader Tim O. reported:

"From what I heard from my window it sounds like two cars were trading gunfire. There was broken glass in the street. I heard in the neighborhood of twenty rounds go off."
Another nearby resident, Tom L., had a similar account:
"I thought it was fireworks the way the pops happened so fast but then tons of cops showed up. I seriously thought it was one of those strings of firecrackers that someone lit and threw in the street, that's exactly what it sounded like and how fast they went off. I spoke with one and he said it was 2 cars shooting at each other in the middle of the street and a couple people were hit."
SF Appeal reports that one person was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. No other details of the shooting were available last night, but we'll work to get more information this morning and will update accordingly. Update 9:10am: SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza confirmed to us this morning that it was a "vehicle-to-vehicle shooting," and that two male passengers sustained non-life-threatening injuries. One was was shot in the elbow, while the other received shrapnel or shattered glass wounds to the face. The victims were born in 1993 and 1980, respectively. Officer Esparza says that one victim drove himself to the hospital, where his car was taken as evidence. The other victim flagged down officers at the scene. It's unclear at this time if the victims were also the shooters. We'll update this story if we get any more information.

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Overnight shooting at oak and pierce injures one