Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on April 15, 2013
New Permit Parking Zone Proposed For Alamo Square Area
About six months ago, we asked whether we need more residential permit parking in the area. Many readers said yes, and now it seems that someone is taking action.

This weekend we spotted the above flyer at Oak and Pierce, touting the joys of permit parking. "Park closer to your homes," "save countless minutes of circling," and "make our streets safer from frustrated swerving 'parkers'" are the primary benefits mentioned on the anonymously-posted flyer, which encourages supporters to sign an online petition. The goal is to create a new permit parking zone in the 60-square-block area bounded by Masonic, McAllister, Webster, and Page. Parking within those general boundaries currently does not require a residential permit, which makes it an attractive area for non-resident drivers. The petition claims that "more than half of the cars parked in this neighborhood are not registered to addresses in this zip code (94117), [and] about 90% of existing parking is usually occupied." We're not quite sure where those numbers come from, but anecdotally we wouldn't be surprised if they were accurate. Requiring drivers to purchase permits (and prove residency) if they seek to park in the area would presumably alleviate the lack-of-parking problem. The permits would cost residents $104 per year. When 250 signatures from residents in the area are collected, the SFMTA will begin the process of considering the new area. Certain criteria must be met, and various reviews would occur (as well as a public hearing), leading up to a final decision by the SFMTA Board of Directors. The entire process would take about six months. So if you live in the specified area and support the new permit zone, go ahead and sign the petition. We'll keep you updated should the project move forward.