San Francisco

If It's on twitter It's Real

It seems like we've heard a lot about this kind of thing lately from one place or another, but this week the person to watch on twitter is our own Supervisor London Breed.

We present the following recent twitter exchanges more or less without comment simply to keep you politically up on District 5 happenings. We will say, however, that it seems awfully hard to conduct civic engagement in a medium that encourages instant response and has a merciless, perfect memory. First,

In answer to one question, yes, Supervisor Breed's public twitter account does predate her tenure as District 5 Supervisor. It was also, however, the account used during Breed's campaign for supervisor. At the time of this posting we're waiting for an official response from Supervisor Breed's office. If you have questions for Supervisor Breed about this or anything else, she'll be holding office hours on Saturday, June 22 at the Ice Cream Bar from 12 noon to 1:30 PM.

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