Introducing Veer and Wander

Introducing Veer and Wander
By Elizabeth Nolan - Published on July 01, 2013.
Over on 6 Brady Street, a short two-block alley below Market, Connie McGrath has completely transformed a space that recently belonged to Louie Salon and a private printing studio. A former employee of Louie, Connie jumped at the opportunity to take things to the next level. She took over the space next door, and last month opened up an apothecary and salon: Veer and Wander.

Connie's interest in opening an apothecary stemmed from her love of the beauty products accessible in Los Angeles and New York. Finding only salons with limited products and chain stores a la The Body Shop here in the city, her mission was clear and focused. In the apothecary side of Veer and Wander, the time, passion, and effort put into the available lines is unmistakable. Everything from shampoo to make up, nail polish to perfume, incense to eye cream lines the walls and tables.
The companies range in origin as much as in design. Connie brings in beautiful products from all over the world, notably New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, and the Netherlands. There are plenty of goods made right here in the US as well. They boast lines like Dose nail polish from New York, Blackbird from Seattle, Arch from Chicago, and Earth Tu Face right here in San Francisco.
You can buy room sprays with scents like “Distillery” and “European Sports Car.” You'll find nail polish packaged in pill bottles, and the perfumes are tested by spritzing the scent inside of a tiny cloche dome. Also, a plethora of makeup options offer tastes of both the vintage and modern, and each line is either organic (like RMS and Kjaer Weis), or completely vegan (Ilia lipstick).
This space also offers plenty of hair salon services. With a newly remodeled salon floor, and a nearly completed color bar, the atmosphere is clean and beautiful. Salon hours and prices are available on veerandwander.com, which is also soon to get a complete overhaul.
In summation: this shop is fantastic. Truly. The next time you need to hit Walgreens for Febreeze, shampoo or moisturizer, stop yourself. Take the time to wander here instead. This place is like a candy store for adults – you’ll want to try everything on every shelf. And the good news is, if you let the shop know you read about them here on Hayeswire, you'll get a treat during the month of July. You can take a 15% discount off any one product, and/or get a complimentary blow dry with Sara, Wednesday thru Friday, as long as space lasts. Enjoy!