Stabbing at McDonald's on Saturday

Today on the crime beat, there was a stabbing at Haight and Stanyan outside of the McDonald's on Saturday afternoon. Details under the cut.

According to the SFPD roundup, it happened like this. The victim came out of the McDonald's, had a short conversation with the suspect. The suspect stabbed the victim in the torso. He was taken to SF General, where he is in life-threatening condition. The suspect was arrested and is in custody. It looks like there were several other smaller incidents between Friday and Sunday, including several calls for disturbing the peace, two assault/battery, two vehicle break-ins, one vehicle theft, two reports of theft, and a whole mess of vandalism calls. We can't say for sure if this is significantly higher than normal for a Saturday afternoon, but we know the hood was flooded with people for HSB. The Haight, as you well know, gets much of the pre- and post-traffic from festivals. Did you see anything this weekend? Did the nabe seem more chaotic than usual?

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