There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes the Neighborhood
By Amy Stephenson - Published on October 29, 2013.
Amoeba was trying to open a medical marijuana dispensary, but the planning department shut it down.

In what may have been a move to boost revenue (we've heard from several people that Amoeba has been cutting their staff's hours, though that rumor remains unconfirmed), Amoeba was looking to open a medical marijuana dispensary in their space. In a letter of determination from the planning department dated 10/18, the Planning Department said that Amoeba is too close to places that deal with children.
However, it does appear to be located within 1000 feet of several community facilities or recreational centers that primarily serve persons under 18 years of age, including the Boys and Girls Club at 1950 Page Street and the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center at 1757 Waller Street. Based on the information available to the Planning Department, the subject location does not appear to be a possible MCD location.
The letter says that they have 15 days (from the 18th) to appeal, or the movement will not go forward, so we'll definitely keep you posted. (We're just kidding about that "there goes the neighborhood" stuff.)