Safeway Recycling Center Gets A Reprieve

Safeway Recycling Center Gets A Reprieve
By Andrew Dudley - Published on January 11, 2014.
Back in August, we reported that the recycling center that operates in the Safeway parking lot at Duboce and Market had officially been evicted. However, as of today, it's still up and running. What gives?

As it turns out, the operation has worked out an extension to continue operating through June of 2014. Safeway's Public Affairs rep Wendy Gutshall confirmed the news to us yesterday:
"Safeway and SFCR [San Francisco Community Recyclers] have entered into a settlement agreement in which SFCR will vacate the property by June 30, 2014. Safeway continues to analyze its recycling options at this location."
We checked back in with Ed Dunn, general manager of SF Community Recyclers, to get his take on the situation.
"Safeway is beginning to realize that abruptly closing its recycling centers without offering the public an alternative to redeem their beverage containers is bad policy."
Although Safeway does offer "reverse vending machines" at some locations for the recycling of cans and bottles, Dunn says the machines are an insufficient solution.
"Reverse vending machines are not a cost effective stand alone solution. They are intended to augment the existing network of recycling centers, not replace it. Furthermore... the machines do not address the central complaint about recycling centers (or the machines) which is that they are only used by the homeless. Recycling centers are in reality used by people from all walks of life, although fixed income elderly and the working poor certainly use recycling centers in great numbers. Twelve percent of San Franciscans live at or below the poverty line. That's over 100,000 people."
Whether this latest eviction date will stick or not remains to be seen. See you back here in June...