Les Natali Holding Public Meeting For Castro Hamburger Mary's Joint

Les Natali Holding Public Meeting For Castro Hamburger Mary's JointOriginal Hamburger Mary's near Folsom and 12th (photo: Joseph Ferretti, 1985 from SF Public Library Photo Archive)
Published on February 18, 2014

One of our readers sent us a letter that has been circulated by Patio Cafe (531 Castro Street) owner, Les Natali, inviting neighbors within a mile of the Patio Cafe (which has been closed, but not vacant, for years) to come by and voice their concerns on his plans to open a Hamburger Mary's at the location. We reported two weeks ago that Les Natali  requested a letter of determination from the SF Planning Department to find out what he would need to do to get a Hamburger Mary's in the Patio Cafe space. The response from the Planning Department mentioned that since Hamburger Mary's operates 11 other restaurants in the United States (defining the threshold of a formula retail establishment), Natali's plans for a 12th Hamburger Mary's location is required to obtain a Conditional Use Authorization from the Planning Department. In accordance with the Planning Department's pre-application procedures Natali will be holding the meeting (officially a 'Pre-Application Meeting') at the Patio Cafe next Tuesday, February 25th, at 6PM. Natali is hopeful that the conditional use authorization will be granted, mentioning in his letter,

The new San Francisco Hamburger Mary's will be unique. It will be a locally-owned and operated restaurant, and very similar to the original Hamburger Mary's on Folsom Street. Many San Francisco residents will remember the original, "iconic" Hamburger Mary's. It was one of the first gay-friendly restaurants in the United States. The original Hamburger Mary's operated from 1972 to 2001. It was known for its reasonably priced food, drinks, and its friendly atmosphere. It was made hugely popular by individuals and families from the City, the Bay Area, and visitors from around the world.
Natali has enlisted the help of Berg Davis Public affairs, the same group that was tapped for the failed Chipotle bid at Church and Market. via Biscuit tipster Kevin K