You Asked: What Was Here Before Squat & Gobble?

You Asked: What Was Here Before Squat & Gobble?Photo: Google Maps
Andrew Dudley
Published on May 28, 2014
We have a little Lower Haight history to share with you this afternoon.

A reader asks:

"I have a question that's been bugging me for years. What was the name of the café in the space where squat and gobble is now on Fillmore circa 1987? Went there, many memories there, cannot remember what the heck it was called. I'm sure at least one of your readers remembers."
Some intense Googling reveals that in the late 1980s, 237 Fillmore (where Squat & Gobble is now) was actually occupied by Indian Oven, while Indian Oven's space at 233 Fillmore was home to a cafe called "Community Blend."

A 1994 edition of a book called "California: The Rough Guide" describes Community Blend thusly:

"Enjoy an excellent breakfast (served all day) or glass of wine in the contrived shabbiness of this Lower Haight gallery-cum-café, where groovy people come to write in their journals."
By the time this guide was published, however, it was already outdated; Community Blend had shuttered by January of 1994, when Squat & Gobble's first location opened on Fillmore. 

Any long-time residents have memories of Community Blend, or this general era in Lower Haight history? Feel free to share your stories in the comments.