Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on June 06, 2014
Cream Puffs In Progress: An Update On ChouxPhoto: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
We have an update on Choux, the cream puff bakery that's en route to 248 Fillmore Street.
It's been six months since we first learned that Choux (pronounced "shoo") was planning to infuse our neighborhood's collective bloodstream with sugary French delights. At the time, a rep for Choux told us the shop was aiming for a mid-February opening.

Well, it's now June, and though the store's windows are obscured by tantalizing posters, a peek around or underneath them reveals a space that remains a ways off from completion.

We checked in with Choux president and chief baker Laura Athuil for an update.  Laura tells us that the permitting process took longer than expected (a common refrain 'round these parts), but that Choux is now in the buildout phase.  The shop is aiming for a July opening, with a specific goal of July 7th, though Laura cautions that the date could easily slip.

So, if all goes as planned, stay tuned for more Choux news in a few weeks.