More Trees Coming To NoPa This Summer

A couple months ago we wrote about the urban gardens we'd seen popping up all over NoPa, and reader comments proved that it's a surprisingly hot topic for some residents. 

Now, the tree-planting, garden-building non-profit Friends of the Urban Forest is at it again, with the goal of greening up our neighborhood over the summer. 

Covering the neighborhood from Arguello to Divisadero, Fell to Geary, Friends of the Urban Forest currently has 13 trees scheduled for planting in early August. But they're looking to plant more. 

Homeowners in the neighborhood can fill out this form by June 25th to get a tree of their own that would replace a square of sidewalk on their street. If you're a tenant, it gets a little more complicated, as the form must be filled out by "property owner or legal agent/representative." However, since trees outside apartment windows can theoretically improve a property's value, the subsidized $135 cost for a tree could pay for itself down the line. If you're craving some greenery, it could be worth suggesting to your landlord.

If you're not a fan of paperwork but would like to get your hands dirty, email the NoPa Planting Manager at Brandon {at} fuf {{dot}} net for information on planting days and how you can contribute (no experience necessary). 

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More trees coming to nopa this summer