A Name Change For Bandidos?

A Name Change For Bandidos?Name removed from above Bandidos entrance (photo: Roy McKenzie)
Published on September 08, 2014

Bandidos (2200 Market Street), the Castro's newest Mexican restaurant, has been open for less than two weeks and controversy surrounding the restaurant's name has erupted into a firestorm of comments on the restaurants Facebook page. Some of the comments have been taken down, but the blog, Latino Rebels posted a story with screen captures of many of the comments before they were removed. Commenters are saying that the name is basically "reviving an old ethnic slur." After the Latino Rebels post, Bandidos responded to the angry commenters saying that they were, "...truly devastated that we've insulted anyone...We worked with many people on the creation of Bandidos, from many different racial backgrounds, and we all felt that the name evoked the spirit of an old-school place where badasses and outlaws would meet for one-too-many tequilas."

Bandidos response to upset commenters (photo: Bandidos Facebook)
Bandidos response to upset commenters (photo: Bandidos Facebook)
A few hours ago, Twitter user @kosherxsalt snapped a photo of the window above the entrance to the restaurant showing someone inside taking down the name off the window. Yesterday, the restaurant changed their Facebook cover photo from the restaurants logo to a view of the bar.

We reached out to Jesse Woodward, Bandidos co-owner with Dana Gleim, to find out if a name change was upcoming. Woodward said that they were considering their options. In the meantime, Marga Gomez, one of the first to comment on the restaurant's Facebook page, said that Woodword and Gleim had written back to her and that the three were going to organize a community meeting for this week about the name and how to proceed. Bandidos meeting No details on the meeting are available yet. Do you think Bandidos should change it's name? via InsideScoop