Scenes from Sunday’s Hayes Valley Urban Air Market

Scenes from Sunday’s Hayes Valley Urban Air Market
Photos: Sim Blakeney/Hoodline
By Sim Blakeney - Published on September 15, 2014.
A beautiful and sunny Sunday was the setting for Hayes Valley's largest street fair, which took over the neighborhood's main drag place yesterday.
Everything looked bright, sparkly and fresh when we arrived in the morning, with stalls displaying an extensive range of jewelry, art, accessories, clothing and home wares. From sustainable chocolates to handmade earrings to eco-conscious apparel and local artwork, the gift-buying opportunities were particularly strong, and shoppers seemed to be taking full advantage. 

For those that didn't make it yesterday, we grabbed some snaps of  the action, from smiley vendors to musical entertainment and more:

Did you make it down to the market? How was it?