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Alamo Square Parking Permit Zone Takes Shape

Meet "Area Q," the proposed parking permit zone slated to cover roughly 66 square blocks around Alamo Square.

Plans for the zone have been in the works since the idea started bubbling up nearly two years ago. At the time, some residents expressed concern about the area's anomalous lack of a residential permit requirement for parking, making it a magnet for out-of-towners looking for a central place in the city to park. 

After proponents were able to collect enough signatures, the SFMTA conducted a study last year that largely confirmed residents' fears. The study determined that the majority of vehicles parked in the survey area belonged to non-residents, and that the number of available spots was "not adequate" to meet local demand.

In the months since those results were revealed, local neighborhood groups and the SFMTA have worked to refine the boundaries of the proposed zone and its various rules. The result is the latest map (pictured above, and posted online here).  

Highlights include, on weekdays:

  • 2-hour parking from 8am to 6pm for the area bounded by Divisadero, Page, Masonic, and Fulton (the yellow box on the left), except for Area Q permit holders
  • 2-hour parking from 9am to 8pm for the area bounded by Divisadero, Page, Webster and Golden Gate (the yellow box on the right), except for Area Q permit holders
  • The extension of Area P to include 2-hour parking from 9am to 6pm for the area bounded by McAllister, Divisadero, Fulton, and Masonic (the reddish box on the top-left), except for Area P permit holders

Spots with parking meters, like those along certain stretches of Divisadero and Fillmore, would be excluded, as would the sides of streets adjacent to public parks — namely, Alamo Square and the Panhandle.

Now that the zone has been fleshed out, it's time for everybody's favorite part of the process: public input.

On Monday, November 10th at 6pm, the SFMTA, ASNA, NOPNA, and Supervisor London Breed's office will co-host a community meeting to discuss the proposed parking zone. It will take place at the San Francisco Day School auditorium at 350 Masonic Ave (at Golden Gate).

If you can't make it, you can email your input to Kathryn.Studwell [at] sfmta {{dot}} com.

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