Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on October 27, 2014
Massive Infrastructure Project Headed To Haight And Hayes StreetsPhoto: torbakhopper/Flickr

If you think there's enough construction going on in your neighborhood, get ready to readjust your definition of "too much". Starting next year, a massive infrastructure project is slated for two busy commercial streets: Haight Street from Ashbury to Laguna, and Hayes Street from Clayton all the way down to Market.

The project will consist of everything from water main and sewer main replacements to sidewalk bulb-outs, bus pad replacements, and repaving of the streets in question. 

According to Alex Murillo of San Francisco's Department of Public Works, the project is currently out to bid for a contractor, and is slated to begin around February 2015. The duration of the project, which entails a lot of new lines going into the ground, is estimated at 1.5 years in duration.

Though the DPW will be working with SFMTA to develop a traffic plan, Murillo told us that "residents can expect disruption" during construction hours, as well as impacts to parking. However, on blocks of the project area that have more than 50 percent retail (like much of Upper Haight, Lower Haight and Hayes Valley), work will cease during a holiday moratorium from Thanksgiving 2015 until New Years Day.

The exact schedule of when different areas will be under construction has yet to be decided on,  but we'll update you as the project gets closer to breaking ground. Until then, enjoy the calm before the storm.