More On VeganBurg, Slated To Open On Haight In Late 2015

More On VeganBurg, Slated To Open On Haight In Late 2015

Photos: VeganBurg/Facebook

By Camden Avery - Published on January 21, 2015.

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Singapore-based vegan food chain VeganBurg is moving into the former All You Knead storefront at 1466 Haight St. sometime this year.

The news, initially circulated by East Bay real estate agent John Polyzoides, has been confirmed by VeganBurg founder and director Alex Tan.

In an email to Hoodline, Tan said VeganBurg is planning to open in the fourth quarter of 2015, after some substantial renovations to the space. An interior overhaul is needed after years spent vacillating between vacancy and a squatter camp. Once completed, Tan said the new space will "compliment [the Haight's] personality."

The vacant former All You Knead (Amy Stephenson/Hoodline)

"We are very excited to be part of the Haight," said Tan of the new location, the chain's first in the U.S. "People from all over the world head to the district to experience the unique vibe. VeganBurg now has the opportunity to complete their experience with a vegan burger."

Tan added, "We are also a great complement to what Haight is known for, freedom, love and revolution, etc."

One of VeganBurg's Singapore locations (via VeganBurg)

Sample menus from the store's overseas locations indicate what might be in store for VeganBurg's Upper Haight patrons, but Tan said the menu is still totally up in the air for Haight Street. It's safe to say, however, that a wide variety of vegan burgers (including "char-grilled satay", "mustang relish" and "creamy shrooms") will be on offer. 

Stay tuned for more news later in the year, as VeganBurg's first U.S. outpost nears its debut.