Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on February 10, 2015
Bike Lanes On Fell And Oak To Receive Final Upgrades In April

Image: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition / SFMTA

The completion of the bike lanes on Fell and Oak street have long been delayed, but an end might finally be in sight.

Plans to build separated bikeways connecting the Wiggle to Golden Gate Park began in 2011, with an expected construction date of June 2012. However, it took until October 2012 to receive approval for the project from SFMTA, and construction began a month later.

In April of 2013, we updated you on the project, which at that point included a painted bike lane but not much else (the street still needed re-paving, and the physically separated medians were nowhere to be found). But now, four years after the project started, It looks like the bike lanes will finally be completed.

Streetsblog has reported that the missing safety features will be installed in April of this year, to finally wrap up the project. Five-foot medians will be installed as a buffer between the bike lane and car traffic, and will include planter boxes for aesthetic purposes and to catch rainwater.

The separated bike lanes are good news for cyclists, as they'll cut down on tow trucks and other vehicles from idling in the bike lane, and will add a much-needed safety barrier between the 30mph Fell and Oak street traffic and cyclists' daily commute. 

The bad news? The construction along Oak and Fell isn't going anywhere soon. The current work on Fell and Oak was meant to be wrapped up in January, but large gaping holes on Oak between Lyon and Baker, as well as on Fell between Divisadero and Baker streets, prove otherwise.

With any luck, Fell and Oak will be high-functioning thoroughfares for all types of commuters come this summer.