Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on March 06, 2015
21-Hayes To Streamline, Lose 2 NoPa Bus StopsPhoto: Nuala Sawyer / Hoodline

A few small changes are coming to the 21-Hayes Muni line, with two stops planned to be removed, and two lengthened slightly. For many 21 commuters the changes will be unnoticeable, but for residents of NoPa, and one coffee shop in particular, the SFMTA's plan to alter stops on the 21 route along Hayes between Baker and Masonic could affect a daily morning commute, and foot traffic.

The proposed changes are as follows: in the outbound direction, the 21 has bus stop at Baker, Lyon, Central and Masonic—in other words, on every block for four blocks. In the proposed plan, the bus stop at Lyon Street would be removed. 

In the inbound direction, the stops are similarly spaced—one at Masonic, Central, Lyon and Baker Streets. In this case, the stop at Central Street would be eliminated.

Along with the removal of two bus stops, the SFMTA also plans to lengthen two existing bus stops to 100 feet, making it easier for bus drivers to pull completely next to the curb. This will help with the loading and dropping off of passengers, particularly those in wheelchairs who will need direct access from the bus ramp to the sidewalk. The stops be be lengthened are at Hayes and Central (outbound) and Hayes and Lyon (inbound).

In addition to maximizing the speed of the 21 and the safety of passengers as they board the bus, the removal of two stops will also add in five parking spaces. 

But one local business opposes the changes to one of the stops. Central Coffee, the neighborhood coffee joint on the corner of Hayes and Central streets, views the inbound bus stop as a boosting point for their business. A Facebook post from December last year expressed concern over the changes. "Many of your fellow patrons and previous neighbors use this stop as an easy way to hop off, get some coffee, catch up with all of us and continue their commute downtown," said the post

Since December of last year, a petition asking the SFMTA not to remove the Central Street bus stop has been accruing signatures at Central Coffee. A sign has been posted in the window notifying residents of the public meeting, which will take place at 10am today, March 6th, in room 416 of City Hall.

After today's meeting, a hearing will be held by the SFMTA to finalize the decision. We'll keep you updated.