Work Starts On Patio At 4505 Burgers & BBQ

Work Starts On Patio At 4505 Burgers & BBQ

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Nuala Sawyer
Published on March 04, 2015

4505 Burgers & BBQ fans will be pleased to know that soon they'll be able to get their brisket fix more often—regardless of wind, fog, or rain. Construction on the BBQ joint's long-awaited patio finally begins today.

It was a little over a year ago that we caught wind of 4505 Meats' venture into the space formerly occupied by Da' Pitt. The doors opened at the end of April, and at that time talk had already begun about installing a large covered patio where patrons could enjoy their ribs in relatively sheltered peace. 

Now, a year after navigating San Francisco's extensive permitting process, the patio construction will begin. In the next few months a shipping container will move into the current picnic area, complete with a skylight and indoor seating. The outdoor space will be split into thirds—one third will be inside the shipping container, one third will be under an awning with heat lamps, and the final third will be fully exposed to the elements. Outdoor lights and hogwire fencing will complete the look. 

"We are so excited to finally begin work on the patio," says owner Ryan Farr. "We’re designing it to be a great place to hang out in all types of weather, and it’s going to be a really cool structure. We’re targeting the first week of May to officially open the revamped patio, which will coincide with our one-year anniversary on Divis, and will be a great place to host a celebration."

For a sneak peek at what the patio will look like, head over to Syncopated Architecture, who will be handling the design and build. 

We'll keep you updated as plans and construction progress.