Disturbing Footprints Leave Neighborhood Concerned

A series of seemingly-bloodied footprints have been discovered in NoPa. A number of local tipsters including Taylor and Shelby notified us of the strange event, which appears to have been first noticed yesterday afternoon.

"I saw bloody footprints on the sidewalk of Hayes St. between Divisadero and Broderick and followed them for about two blocks to the corner of Grove and Broderick Sts," said one anonymous tipster. "They start in the middle of the block on the south sidewalk and continue until that intersection. The blood is heavy, some were still wet, and the person was barefooted. The bloody footprints are only from the right foot. I wonder what happened." 

We visited the site this afternoon, and the footprints are still there. They all appear to be from the right foot, and get heavier as one follows them along. Beginning at the southeastern corner of Hayes and Broderick streets, the footprints cross Hayes and continue along the eastern side of Broderick. They then cross Broderick and then Grove Street, and disappear at a parking spot—which has us guessing that they entered a car and left the scene. We checked the car currently in the parking spot and didn't find anyone inside, nor obvious signs of blood. 

One hopes this might just be a subversive art project – possibly Easter-related? But our original tipster told us that "I contacted the police about the matter and I met with them and they are taking it very seriously. It sounded like they were checking hospitals in the area." Another neighbor noted police presence in the area at around 5pm yesterday. We've contacted SFPD for more information, and will update if we find out anything more.

An additional neighbor has called 311 to request a cleanup, and said that the Department of Public Works told them they will show up within 12 and 24 hours to clean the troubling scene.

Update, 4/4 at 3:30pm. The city cleanup has begun, photo via tipster Taylor:

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Disturbing footprints leave neighborhood concerned