Inner Sunset Business Roundup: Store Closures, Restaurant Remodels And More

Inner Sunset Business Roundup: Store Closures, Restaurant Remodels And More

The former Axis Chiropractoc (Phoe: Walter Thompson/Hoodline)

By Walter Thompson - Published on May 18, 2015.

It's been about a month since we last checked in on the Inner Sunset's business comings, goings and mysteries in progress. Now, we've got another roundup of the latest activity in the neighborhood.

Delightful Designs Now Open at 550 Irving St.

When we profiled Jacqueline Stoecker in February, she was still preparing to open her vintage furniture and home decor boutique. Funded with help from a Kickstarter campaign, Stoecker's cozy storefront just celebrated its one-month anniversary.

Mystery Tenant at 309-319 Judah St.

Now that Axis Chiropractic has moved around the corner to 1360 9th Ave., the storefront at 309 - 319 Judah Street is being renovated, but we weren't able to find any permits regarding the next tenant. Stay tuned and keep your eye out for clues. (Got a tip? Let us know here.)

New Eatery En Route to 1420 Irving St.

The former home of South Sea Seafood Village, which closed in 2012, is being remodeled to accommodate a new restaurant, according to building permits. The one also remains a mystery for now, but we'll keep you posted.

Top Video World Liquidates at 347 Judah St.

In business since 1998, this self-described "neighborhood mom-and-pop video store" is closing its doors at the end of the month. If you're interested in expanding your DVD or Blu-Ray library, pop in before May 28 for some deep discounts, and stay tuned for more on the shop's closing later this week.

Blanc Cafe Now Open at 549 Irving St.

Mellow Mellow Tea Room closed last month to make way for Blanc Cafe, a new coffee/tea spot that also serves salads and sandwiches. Have you tried out the new spot? Let us know in the comments.

More Hints at Hometown Creamery at 1290 9th Ave.

The new occupants remodeling the former Hotei Sushi location haven't yet posted any official signage, but the Chinese and Italian flags with competing "We invented it" claims hint that ice cream will be front and center, as we suspected when we discovered that "Hometown Creamery" was headed to the space.

San Franpsycho Debuts Ice Cream and Coffee at 1248 9th Ave.

As we reported back in December, the sportswear/surfwear shop has completed renovating the front of the store to accommodate a coffee and ice cream bar. They're now serving Three Twins Ice Cream and Four Barrel Coffee, so ask if they'll make you an affogato while you shop.

Dos Amigos Now Closed at 1340 Irving St.

Dos Amigos Taqueria y Mercado is now closed on Irving. Formerly a Russian market, Dos Amigos sold Mexican food and limited grocery items, but many Yelp reviewers noted that the store didn't make use of the additional space and kept irregular hours. 

A construction company is now rehabbing the space formerly occupied by Dos Amigos for a new business that has yet to be determined. According to a building permit, the owner is tearing out the ceiling and installing new lighting, so keep your eyes peeled for a potential new tenant in the works.

If you've come across new permits, construction work or juicy gossip about a new business in the Inner Sunset, drop us a line at tips {at} hoodline {dot} com.