Tomorrow: Public Hearing On Safety Improvements To Hayes Valley Streets

Tomorrow: Public Hearing On Safety Improvements To Hayes Valley Streets
Photo: Steve Boland / Flickr
By Nuala Sawyer - Published on May 21, 2015.

This Friday at 10am, the SFMTA is holding a meeting at City Hall to request the public's feedback on proposed traffic and pedestrian safety improvements for the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

For months now, plans have been in motion to improve the safety of Octavia Boulevard. In April, an open house was held by the SFMTA to share ideas on improvements to pedestrian transit, Muni stops, and vehicle traffic. Tomorrow (May 22nd) the public has a chance to go on the record with their opinions on specific changes.

One hot spot that will be discussed at the meeting is the intersection of Octavia Boulevard and Oak Street, which is often congested with rush hour traffic trying to access the freeway. To improve pedestrian safety at that intersection, the SFMTA is proposing "refuge islands," or center medians, in the middle of Octavia. Measuring six feet wide on the south side of the intersection and ten feet wide on the north, these islands aim to calm traffic and provide pedestrians with a safe space to wait out red lights. Take a closer look at the plans for Octavia and Oak here.

Another topic up for discussion on Friday will be the daylighting of intersections. Part of Vision Zero, the citywide plan to eliminate pedestrian fatalities, "daylighting" intersections means removing obstacles that could impede pedestrians' views of oncoming traffic at intersections, as well improving visibility for drivers.

The Tenderloin recently underwent a massive daylighting of intersections, resulting in a loss of 170 parking spaces. As of right now, the SFMTA's daylighting proposal for Hayes Valley would result in the loss of 24 parking spots (two of them metered). For a full list of affected intersections, visit their agenda of changes here or take a look at a map of the Hayes Valley daylighting project here

Also up for discussion are plans to create curb extensions on Laguna at Oak (plans here) and Fell (plans here).

The public hearing will take place at City Hall, Hearing Room 416 at 10am on Friday, May 22nd. Show up to hear your neighbors' input on the changes and to speak your mind if you have an opinion or suggestion.