Tour Bus Burns At Haight And Shrader

Tour Bus Burns At Haight And Shrader

Photo by Bill Duane.

By Eric Eldon - Published on May 03, 2015.

It's tourist season on Haight Street and that means lots of buses coming through. This morning, though, one of them has caught fire. Here's what we've been getting from tipsters about the scene. If you have more information, let us know in comments or via email: editor (at) hoodline (dot) com.

Update, 12:30pm: Neighbor Katherine B. has a few additional eyewitness details about what happened along with some up-close photos. 

The bus was apparently driving down Haight, on fire. The driver didn't know. A woman who works at Sunshine and a homeless man chased the bus down the street to alert the driver. I live on that block of Haight and went outside when I could smell smoke and hear the sirens.

During. Photo by Katherine B.

After. Photo by Katherine B.

Previously, here's what people told us on social media.

The street remained shut for an hour or so as firefighters put out the bus and cleaned up the mess. The Chronicle reports that there were no injuries and that the cause of the fire is currently unknown.

You can also check out a live video on Periscope (free download required) via Tyler Howarth.