Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on June 10, 2015
Horsefeather Team To Temporarily Open 'Tsk/Tsk' In Former Ziryab SpaceStephen Jackson/Hoodline

In what seems to be the quickest turn around time in recent memory, the folks behind "Horsefeather"—the bar set to take over the space formerly occupied by Ziryab—plan to open a temporary drinking hole at the same location. The name for the interim bar will be "Tsk/Tsk."

"All we can really say is that it will be of the dive bar style. It's not going to be a cocktail bar, it's really just something for us to have fun with," said Justin Lew, who will be running the place along with business partner Ian Scalzo.

The pair told us that quite a few renovations will be required as they make way for Horsefeather, and that it makes more sense to be running an interim business than to allow the space to lie fallow as they await city approval for the changes they wish to make to the space.

"We have lots of permits to do. Why keep the place dark?" commented Lew.

When we spoke the team inside the space at 528 Divisadero yesterday, they were painting the interior ceilings in colored, geometric patterns, but declined to tell us anymore details about what the interior of Tsk/Tsk will look like, nor any information about their plans for Horsefeather. It appears that the color scheme will follow a blue-and-yellow design, per a logo on Tsk/Tsk's Facebook page and the photo below.

Bartenders Lucien Sankey and Mitchell Lagneaux putting the finish touches on part of the new ceiling at Tsk/Tsk. (Photo courtesy Tsk/Tsk.)

Tsk/Tsk is set to open by the end of June, during "evening hours." The team expects the temporary project to remain open for several months as they prepare for Horsefeather's grand opening, which will likely come in the fall.

"It's really just a temporary spot for people to come enjoy," said Lew. "People will get used to us, and we can get used to the neighborhood."

We'll keep you posted as we learn anymore details about either project. Meanwhile, look for Tsk/Tsk to open near the end of the month.