New Park Station Community Advisory Bike Board Convenes Tonight At Second ActPhoto: Diana Gaffney/Hoodline  
Amy Stephenson
Published on August 31, 2015

Tonight at 6pm, Second Act (1727 Haight St.) will host a meeting of the new Community Advisory Bike Board, hosted by SFPD Park Station Capt. John Sanford, Jr.

The board, originally scheduled to meet at Park Station, was recently formed "to advise and create effective sustainable solutions on issues impacting cycling in the Park Police District."

The meeting, free and open to the public, is designed to kick off the board's dialogue with the community about bike safety and regulation enforcement. Specifically, the board is trying to address this summer's tension between bicyclists, the police, and community members, so if you've got anything to say (and it seems like you've got a lot to say), now's your chance to be heard.

After Park Station stated back in June that it planned to enforce bicyclists illegally rolling through stop signs, the Wigg Party organized a Wiggle "stop-in" protest in July that drew a great deal of media attention. In August, Sanford announced Park Station's plans to roll back the targeted bicycle enforcement. "The enforcement is over for now, but we can revisit it at any time, if we need to," he told residents at the August Park Station community meeting.

In Park Station's August 28th newsletter, the enforcement of bicycle laws was referenced as follows: "Park Station officers will be watching for bicycle scofflaw violators in the district. Please follow traffic codes at all times." The newsletter also detailed a traffic sting on August 23rd which saw four drivers cited for speed violations. "Park Station would like to remind everybody to follow the rules of the road," the newsletter urged.

We were unable to reach Capt. Sanford for comment on the meeting's agenda, but if you're interested in learning more, drop in to hear his comments tonight at 6pm.