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Published on September 12, 2015
SliderBar Becomes Ovok, Same Owners Focus On Brunch And BurgersPhotos: Brian Ray / Hoodline

We hope you aren't tired of reading about SliderBar. A couple weeks ago, we noted the changes that were happening at 2295 Market Street. While we were told by employees that SliderBar was remaining, and merely changing its menu and doing some renovations, tipster Audrey T. has pointed us to a big switch.

The new restaurant is now open, and it's called Ovok Brunchery & Burgeria.

While still owned by the same people who own the remaining SliderBar locations in Palo Alto and Berkeley, Ovok will mark a change from the typical slider spot to something more brunch-friendly.

We spoke with an employee who wished to remain anonymous to learn more about Ovok on its first day being open.

"We're the same company, but our concept has changed," the employee told us. "We listened to feedback from locals and saw a desire for healthier, natural food, with more local ingredients. As a result, we now have 80-90 percent organic ingredients, grass-fed meat, craft beer, and natural cane-sugar sodas. We needed a change."

The new menu is much more brunch-focused, with items ranging from organic three-egg omelettes and french toast to salads and chocolate chip bacon pancakes and mimosas.

"We did carry over some of the most-popular items from the SliderBar menu," he explained, pointing out a selection of full-sized burgers including the "Veggie Vore" and "Club Med," along with truffle fries and white sangria with seasonal fruits.

As for what menu items are available when, the employee told us that everything will be served all-day.

The beverage menu remains as before, with beer, wine, mixed drinks, coffee, tea, and sodas.

As for the name, Hoodline learned that "Ovok" is based on a Spanish way of pronouncing "Egg," similar to "Huevo."

"Ovo is the base word, but we wanted to put a twist on it, so we added the 'K'. This makes it somewhat similar to 'OK,'" he told us.

The interior has changed with the removal of the taller benches. "They weren't incredibly comfortable for everyone, so we replaced them with chairs and tables so everyone is on the same level." TVs will remain for sporting events.

"There were plans to have the exterior complete for opening day," the employee told us. "Our painters were delayed, but are now scheduled to come next week, so everything should be ready soon."

A new website is also on the way. In the meantime, stop by and see the full menu for yourself, as well as all the changes they have made to the space.

Ovok is open Monday through Thursday from 3-10pm, and Friday-Sunday from 9am-10pm. They still do takeout and can be reached at 415-431-7700.