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Published on November 16, 2015
SoMa Crime And Safety: Road Rage, 9th & Mission Stabbing, Club Promoters Vs. Car Break-Ins, MorePhoto: cyber-seb/Flickr 

While we don't report on every crime, we do our best to keep you informed of major crimes and safety concerns in the neighborhood. Here's a selection of crimes reported around SoMa within the first half of November. All details are pulled from the SFPD's daily crime recaps, unless otherwise noted.

Assault With A Vehicle

At 1:09am Nov. 14th, the driver of a vehicle ran over two people sitting on the sidewalk at 13th and Division. According to police, someone on the sidewalk threw a set of handlebars at the vehicle, a grey four-door Toyota Tundra with tinted windows. The suspect then backed his car onto the sidewalk, striking both individuals. The victims were both transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries; the driver was not apprehended.


A 20-year-old man was stabbed in the thigh at about 7:30pm Nov. 9th, on the 800 block of Mission Street. As the victim was walking to the store, a man in a wheelchair, 58, stabbed him in the leg. The victim was transported to the hospital and the suspect was arrested.


At about 8:15pm Nov. 14th, a driver was robbed at gunpoint on the 300 block of Third Street. The victim was sitting in his vehicle when a man in his 20s put a gun to his head. The victim fled while the suspect searched his vehicle, took a cellphone and fled on Stillman Street. The suspect was later arrested.

A man, 23, was nearly robbed of his bike at Fifth and Market at about 11:30pm on Nov. 11th. The suspect, a 30-year-old man, pushed the victim off of his bike and ran away with it. The victim chased the suspect and, after a fight, took his bike back. The suspect then fled with the victim's helmet, and was not arrested.

At about 6:40pm on Nov. 9th, a man, 38, was robbed by three suspects at a hotel on the 1700 block of Market Street. The victim met one of the suspects, a 24-year-old woman, in a hotel room. The suspect told him that she needed to go outside and opened the door, where two men in their 20s were waiting. One of the men motioned that he had a gun, and told the victim to put his face down. All three suspects then searched his property, taking his cell phone, keys and Ford Mustang. No arrest was made. 

A security guard was robbed by a man with a box cutter at about 4:30am on the morning of Nov. 10th, on the 200 block of Folsom Street. The victim, 29, was working in a security booth when the suspect, 52, approached and began hitting the booth. When the victim exited the booth, the suspect accused him of stealing his bike. The suspect then followed the victim to his car, pulled out a box cutter, opened his vehicle, stole his backpack and fled before being arrested.

Halloween Robberies

There were a trio of crimes in the wee hours of Halloween celebrations on Nov. 1st. At about 1am, two women were robbed on the 100 block of Sixth Street. The victims were walking down the street when the suspect, a woman in her 20s, approached and punched them.The suspect then grabbed a fallen mobile phone and one of the victim's purses and fled. She was not apprehended.

Also at 1am, a resident of the 500 block of Minna Street was attacked and robbed. As the victim was about to open his front door, two suspects, 30-year-old men, hit him over the head with a glass bottle. The suspects then rummaged through this pockets, stole his wallet and cellphone, and fled.

Finally, at 1:15am, a man, 22, was robbed after a fight at Sixth and Minna Streets. The suspect, a 25-year-old man, punched the victim in the face, took the victim's fallen phone and fled. The suspect was not arrested.

Aggravated Assault

At about 6pm Nov. 7th, a man, 44, was beaten with a skateboard by a man in his late 20s. The suspect approached the victim and started a verbal argument, then struck the victim on the head twice with the skateboard before fleeing in an unknown direction. The victim loss consciousness and was transported to the hospital. The suspect was not apprehended

A man, 33, on the 100 block of South Park was assaulted at about 3pm on Nov. 6th. When the victim opened his door, the suspect punched him in the head numerous times. The suspect was arrested.

Hot Prowls

A residence on the 400 block of Tehama Street was robbed at 6:30pm on Nov. The suspect climbed the front fence and entered the home through an open door. Expecting the noise to be a roommate coming home, the victim came downstairs and saw the suspect running out the front door towards Tehama Street. The suspect took a set of keys, laptop and speaker, and was not arrested.

A couple living in an apartment on the unit block of Sumner Street awoke on Nov. 12th to find property missing from their home. The victims told police that they believe they did not lock their front door before going to bed. The next morning, they noticed that a purse, cell phone, credit cards and money had been taken from their entryway. 

DNA Lounge Hires Security Guard to Fend Off Auto Burglaries

NBC Bay Area reported last week that two DNA Lounge club promoters are leading the charge to stop auto burglaries in western SoMa. According to the segment, the promoters noticed that a rise in thieves targeting clubgoers was impacting their nightly numbers. They chipped in to hire a security guard, who now canvases the area on club nights to dissuade would-be bandits.