Dozens Of Spiked Baseball Bats Found Chained Around The CityPhoto: tipster Chuck S.
Rose Garrett
Published on November 27, 2015

Here's a weird one. 

On Thanksgiving morning, police say they began receiving reports of multiple ominous wood or metal baseball bats, some with spikes driven through them, chained to parking meters and poles around the city. 

KRON reported this morning that 15 bats had been found, including one on 19th Avenue near Stonestown; this afternoon, Sgt. Michael Andraychak reported that 27 total incidents have been reported from various locations in San Francisco, with the most recent in the Fishermen's Wharf area this morning. 

"Obviously some work went into this installation," reader Chuck S. told us, noting that the wooden bat he spotted (above) was drilled out for the large screws inserted into the end, and was attached by an old rusted chain.

NBC obtained the above photo from local resident Gerrie Burke; here's another photo, this one of a metal bat:

"Since the bats have been altered with spikes, they would be considered a prohibited/deadly weapon which would be a felony under State law," stated Andraychak, in response to media inquiries about the legality of the bats. 

Other than the 19th Avenue and Fisherman's Wharf discoveries, police have not disclosed exactly where the dozens of bats have been found. Which leads us to ask: have you spotted one of these bats, and where?

Update: So far, readers have noted bats sighted near Trax Bar on Haight Street, in the Lower Haight, and outside Zeitgeist on Valencia. 

Update 2, 11.28: Reader Christine says she "saw one yesterday on northwest corner of Hyde and Lombard (or could have been Chestnut)."