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Published on April 07, 2016
Fillmore Heritage Center Launches Temporary Space Activation ProgramPhoto: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline

Back in February, we covered the search for a new owner for The Fillmore Heritage Center's vacant venues, which include Yoshi's Jazz Club, empty since January of 2015. Yesterday, as the quest for new ownership continues, the opportunity to rent the space's venues on a short-term basis became available

At a February 8th meeting,  the Mayors Office of Economic Development (OEWD), Office of Neighborhood Services (MONS), and the Board of Supervisors President London Breed came together to create a formal Request for Interest (RFI) for potential qualified buyers to take over the commercial portions of the Fillmore Heritage Center. A Request for Proposal (RFP) process is still in the works  and potential buyers will be required to provide a business plan, verification of funding sources, and a detailed description on short and long term community benefit initiatives. 

Starting yesterday, however, four spaces in the Heritage Center have been listed for private and public events, with availability until July 30th. Event coordinators that are able to provide a completed application, including proof of residency (to receive the neighborhood rate), liability insurance and food, alcohol and entertainment permits, will be able to host an event in the designated spaces Thursday through Sunday from 8am-11pm.

The spaces available include:

Lush Life Gallery  

This open space features hardwood flooring, a front desk and coatroom. The standing capacity accommodates up to 60 guest for a reception and 40 seated.


Koret Lobby 

Located at the entrance to the former jazz club, this marble-floored open space can accommodate 150 standing guests. Additionally, the parking garage located on the corner of Fillmore and Eddy (behind 1300 on Fillmore) will remain open to the public, as the entrance to the pay station is located in the lobby. Event planners will need to ensure that this area is roped off and secured.  


Cocktail Lounge                         

This is the only area that will allow event planners access into the actual venue, but the limitation is that they must remain in the enclosed area. Access to the bar is permitted, with 13 bar stools and 40 seats in the lounge area. In order to rent this space, event planners will need to hire additional security.

Photo: Architecture & Light

Screening Room   

This enclosed space located in the rear of the Koret Lobby features 39 luxury seats with a functioning movie theater.


The goal of this temporary activation initiative is to have approximately four events booked per week to encourage foot traffic along the Fillmore corridor, while benefiting existing merchants and attracting the attention of potential new ownership.

"I do anticipate having a full calendar," said Helen Branham, Director of Small Business Services at Urban Solutions, which has been contracted through the city to manage the program. "People have contacted our offices up to the point where we have had to hold them back. I'm glad that there is excitement around the program."

A tiered pricing system has been put into place with affordable rates, meant to encourage community uses, for Western Addition residents or community-based organizations located in area codes 94102, 94109, 94115 or 94117.

Note: The bottom "gallery space" rate applies to the cocktail lounge. 

So where does the rental money go? 

"The revenue that we get from charging is going back into the program so that we can extend it in some way—more days, hours, etc," said a representative from OEWD. "The fees exist because the charging is not enough to cover the cost of the program, so OEWD is providing a subsidy. And you want people to commit, so you need to have some skin in the game. If someone says 'I want to reserve it for Saturday' and then they flake out—then there's no party."

The venues are available starting April 12th, but reservations are now being accepted. If you're interested in hosting an event, visit the Fillmore Heritage website or call (415) 206-1936 to learn more.