Upper Haight Resident Hosting Meet-Up For Seniors Tonight

Cosi Fabian, a 35-year resident of the Upper Haight, is launching a get-together for Upper Haight seniors tonight at 6pm at the Park Branch Library.

As she wrote in flyers posted in the neighborhood, as well as on NextDoorthe Haight's boomer population is aging, and the neighborhood has almost no resources for support, information, or community for seniors. "We, the generation of communes, have no community—no antidote to isolation, no voice."

The issues faced by the aging baby boomer population aren't unique to the Haight. What is unique, though, is that the population now in need of support is—in many cases, literally—the same group of people that helped shape the neighborhood's character 50 years ago, turning it into the epicenter of a new national youth culture.

The meeting is open and exploratory in format; Fabian said that it's intended to provide a starting point for a discussion among, by, and for seniors living in and around the Upper Haight. Depending on how things go, she said, the group will morph and take shape from there, but she does have hope for the possibilities.

 "My number one [ideal] outcome would be community," Fabian said. "Over half of older people live alone ... And fun, that tends to be forgotten. You know, I want to keep the rock and roll alive."

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